The Middling Jotter of Desultory

Random is just what we are and then some.

Hello! Konnichi wa! Aloha! Ni hao! Hola!

  Welcome to the Middling Jotter of Desultory! 

What does that mean? Well let me break it down for you: Middling is Irish for "So-So", Jotter is British for notebook, and Desultory is English for "having no plans or random". So all in all?

MJD = So-So Notebook of Random  

This is a site for random fun and for a friendly community. We have plenty to keep you busy. We have videos, games, a forum, and plenty more!

We encourage submissions to the webiste. We take articles , jokes, pictures, and anything you can think of. The number one rule for submissions is keep it PG13! Send it to our website's e-mail:  Please limit submits to 3/week. Thank you!                                                               -KD




Jan. 20, 2013 The whole site is being revamped! Positions are now open!


Founder and Leader - Kawaii Dilettante....or KD for short.  [[For now filling all is this tiring!]]

Gamer Dude - the person who changes up the games every week (position open)

Word Collector - our vobulary, terms, and language person (position open)

Ace Reporter - writes articles and reviews (position open)

Awesome Author - writes short stories/poems (position open)

Jocular Jester - updates the funny pictures and the jokes (position open)

Caring Companion - is in charge of the "Dare to Care" page (position open)

Text Titan - is the forum moderator (position open)

*Proxy* - Tweaks the site and looks over everything while KD is away (position open)

E-mail to join the staff!


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