The Middling Jotter of Desultory

Random is just what we are and then some.



  1. When was the site made?

    Way back in 2006 when I was in high school.


  2. Why did you make the website?

    Well at first it was for playing games in computer class. Making my own site I could put it under "History" and the system wouldn't block it. ^_^;;;

  3. How many names has this site gone through?

    Today being 2-18-2011 I can say only two. When my friend Theo and I made the site it was TheoKate. We drifted apart and the next year I had a group of gal pals. AmeChasTigone was the longest running name for the site. It lasted for over 3 years. Naming the site after friends' was not the best idea. I am still friends with them but other people don't like the name. so This year it was changed to The Middling Jotter of Desultory. For those of you who didn't read the homepage it means the So-so Journal of Random.


  4. What does your name mean?

    Kawaii means cute in Japanese and Dilettante means a person who cultivates an art or branch of knowledge as a past time without pursuing it professionally. That seemed to embody my whole being. ^w^;;; Of course it was shortened to KD.

  5. Why do things have to be PG-13 for submitting things?

    I want this site to be free to all ages and I want MJD to be an eclectic place to go.

  6. I want to write an article for MJD. What topic can I write about?

    This site is random so feel free to write about anything you like. As long as it is PG13 and after one of the staff reads over it then it will go on the site.

  7. What are the rules?

    Don't abuse MJD. That sums up most of it.


    Submitting to MJD is encouraged but please limit it to 3 times a week. Otherwise the staff will be overloaded.


    #1 - Be nice and keep it PG13



  8. I read an article but I am not from SC. Isn't that unfair?

    I am from South Carolina. I really can't help that but if you aren't a Carolinian then why dont' you write up some articles about where you are from? We encourage submits from all over the world!

  9. I want to join but how?

    That's great! You will see on the homepage a list of open positions. If you would like  to do that job then e-mail us at [email protected]

  10. If I submit something every week will I get something?

    Well that depends! If you become popular and people demand your work then yes you can get something. If you have over 20 items on MJD then you might want to open up your own website.

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